Leverage Advanced Technologies to Resolve Security Issues

AKWA Gtrak is an innovative Internet of Things powered solution which ensures that security teams comply with their scheduled tours and are always awake. A supervisor can schedule patrol areas for each staff member and keep track of their performance with advanced workflow management feature. Furthermore, Gtrak’s waterproof Near Field Communication (NFC) tags enable real-time monitoring and trigger alerts whenever necessary. AKWA Gtrak also allows security staff to report incidents and manage them more efficiently by immediately triggering alerts.

Key Differentiators

Comprehensive reports on performance management

Real-time monitoring of all team members

Supports QR Code, BLE, NFC, and RFID tags

Emergency alerts and incident reporting & management

Bank grade security system

How it Works

For Security Admin

Place Gtrak’s waterproof NFC tags at strategic locations.

Schedule the patrol areas for each of your staff.

Install the android app on your devices.

For Security Staff

Install the android app on your device.

Perform your scheduled security rounds.

Make sure to go near the tag during the round.

Supervisor will be alerted automatically if a staff member fails to report near the tag during a scheduled round.


Ensure that your first line of defence is always active and prompt

Enable security staff to immediately alert others in times of support

Track and monitor premise security in real-time from anywhere

Identify and resolve security discrepancies instantly

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