Solving clinical needs with innovative healthcare products and solutions

With cutting-edge technology, AKWA is creating smart experiences and solutions to fulfil clinical needs of the future. Our innovative designs are helping healthcare professionals in drug temperature monitoring, administration, management of medical devices and several such areas.

We enable intelligent products and smart processes to give medical practitioners a hawk eye view of the system. This ensures complete safety of the products and devices in use. Actionable insights offered by AKWA’s cloud integration are interoperable and also highly customizable.

Maintaining high quality standards and safety for the pharma industry

With AKWA, you can now experience intelligent pharma management practices that reduce manual dependency and boost product quality. AKWA’s easy to integrate solutions reduce parallel imports and keep a check on counterfeits.

Smart packaging and labelling sends alerts on the expiry date and increases the efficiency of shelf management. From a logistical standpoint, giving timely alerts also means closing the gaps in distribution and improving restocking and deliveries.

Creating smart retail experiences for evolved customers

Turnaround your customer experience by making products directly interact with your customers. By imparting intelligence to your retail environment about customer proximity, AKWA provides an instant connect.

By sensing customer needs, retailers can promptly recommend highly customized offerings to customers right on to their mobile device. Gaining valuable intuition about customers now comes easy with AKWA’s proximity solutions.


Smart labelling lets you monitor
temperature breach
Easily scan products through the mobile
phone or app
Stores product history for smart track
and trace of inventory
Instant scanning gives temperature logs
through the product cycle
Give alerts based on the standards and
thresholds set by you
Create customized workflows and get big
data analytics
Cloud based secure platform for
managing product life cycle
Anti-counterfeit management mechanism
to make process fool-proof
Incident management to give a response
mechanism for situations that require
Workflow management with a cross
functional view
Campaign management for running
special instructions on pharma products
Remote digital asset monitoring with
customized analytics
Serve location specific advertisements -
Discounts, coupons and other
Improve your brand equity by showing
up at the right time
Engage with customers at public places –
Airport, Hospital, ATM, etc.
Notify customers about your location and
give directions